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    Hacking Service

    The Hacking Service provides the creation of software exploits, shellcode and other tools for use in penetration tests, real life situations and security assessments. The team is responsible for discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in software, hardware, networks and systems. We research, develop and exploit vulnerabilities which can be used to gain access to a system.

    Forensic Service

    The Forensic Service is responsible for investigating and analyzing evidence to support the criminal justice process. The Forensic Service is responsible for investigating computer crimes and related issues such as malware, cyber-crime, and identity theft. The Forensic Service also manages, collects, and preserves evidence for further use.

    Blockchain Security

    The Blockchain Security Analysts are responsible for security on the blockchain. With strong understanding of cryptography, distributed systems and blockchain technology. This includes understanding how to secure a blockchain from attacks and how to build trust in a decentralized system. Experienced in working with large codes and be able to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities to prevent hack or rug pulls.

    Scam Recovery

    Cyb3rdroid is the world's first and only platform to provide help for victims from all kinds of online scams, including cryptocurrency and investment scams. As part of a comprehensive scam recovery process, we help victims get their money back seamlessly and provide support by connecting them with specialists, including lawyers and accountants who are fighting online scams every day.

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